I am currently working on a photographic portraiture project that will help women emerge from generations of being undervalued, discounted and abused, both emotionally and physically.  The project will contribute to a reversal of low self esteem, self doubt and fear. Through my portraits I provide a mirror that reflects strength, determination, love, independence and self affirmation. I am working with women of all ages, and from various cultures and economic groups in order to encourage a bond between all women. The Empowerment Portrait Project is particularly aimed at women in recovery from traumatic events. I will also work in tandem with education and training centers whose purpose is to elevate the level of women's employable skills, adding to a sense of pride and self-worth.  I look forward to displaying the work in venues such as empowerment conferences, training centers, galleries, places of commerce, colleges and more. For more information about the project please contact me via my contact page, Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

I am delighted to report that I will be collaborating with the Goddard Riverside Community Center through the Women's Empowerment Portrait Project. Goddard Riverside offers empowerment programs and community support to over 22,000 people through 27 different programs throughout Manhattan. Please take a look at the wonderful work they do by visiting www.goddard.org. 



I took my first 35mm photographs in 1973 in France when a friend lent me a Nikon F analog camera. The darkroom was always a magical place where my view of the world came to light slowly and deliberately. The spontaneity and versatility of Digital photography has opened a new kind of magic for me that is rich with possibilities and pure joy.

I am happy to present my work to you here and through my Instagram feed. To schedule a portraiture session or for information about prints/products please refer to my "Contact" page.  

                                               - Eliza Sans Souci McNally



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